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Daikin Standard Series 4.6/4.7Kw FTXV46U

Daikin Standard Series 4.6/4.7Kw FTXV46U

  • Comfort Airflow

    Discharge louvres are specially designed to stream cooling air upwards along the ceiling (coanda effect) and warm air down along the floor. This delivers rapid cooling or heating and even temperature distribution.                            


  • Inverter Powerful Operation

    Push the POWERFUL button on the remote control and you’ll be relieved with a cooling or heating boost for a 20 minute period, even if the unit’s already operating at high capacity.

  • Econo Mode

    This mode limits the maximum power consumed by the system preventing the tripping of your circuit breaker should you have other household appliances operating simultaneously with your heat pump.

  • 2-Area Intelligent Eye

    The 2-area Intelligent Eye* is so clever it can now either direct airflow towards you or away from you for draught free comfort. If the room is unoccupied the unit will automatically enable energy saving operations.

  • Program Dry Function

    Besides reducing humidity, this function automatically controls temperature and airflow rate and will cleverly switch into cooling mode if the room temperature rises too much.

  • Advanced Purification

    Each model is fitted with a titanium apatite deodorising air purification filter that traps microscopic particles, decomposes odours and even deactivates bacteria.

  • Daikin Standard Series 4.6/4.7Kw FTXV46U

    Wifi Options are avaliable at an extra 185.00 plus GST

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